Las Colinas APT System – Request for Information

RFI Document and Addenda

Las Colinas APT Technology Upgrade and Expansion Project RFI


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What funds might be available to DCURD?

Answer 1:  The City of Irving’s Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 1 has identified $38,127,000 of projected future TIF funds for APT projects. The District’s current annual APT operations and maintenance budget is $1,800,000. At this time, these are the only funds that have been identified.

Question 2: What is the requested transport capacity of the system (pphd)

Answer 2: We are requesting Respondents to indicate the system capacity that their proposed technologies can achieve for the expansion alternatives presented in the RFI or any other expansion alternatives that the Respondents may propose.  Our current ridership could easily be accommodated by a wide range of technologies.

Question 3: What are the actual travel times (end-station to end-station)

Answer 3: The exhibit “Route Times – Station to Station” in the section below shows the current travel times between stations.

Question 4: When shall the works start, respectively when shall the renewed system start the operation

Answer 4: We don’t have a set start date at this time.


Additional APT System Information (Downloadable Files)

C-45 Automated People Mover

Planning and Design Manual – March 2009_Redacted Jan 2020

Station Quarter Mile Radius Population Statistics

Urban Center Businesses (2 pages)

APT Ridership Summary  (Additional Ridership Data is available upon request)

DART Reference Book

APT Land Rights Summary Map

Guideway Plans – Phase 1

Guideway Plans – Phase 2

Interface Station Drawings

Wingren Station Proposed Design

Route Times – Station to Station


Contact Information
(972) 556-0625(972) 869-4459
P.O. Box 140035
Irving, TX 75014-0035
APT System Operations Status

Month of February 2020

Normal Hours of Operation