Las Colinas APT System – Request for Information

RFI Document and Addenda

Las Colinas APT Technology Upgrade and Expansion Project RFI

NOTICE: The RFI submittal due date has been extended to May 29, 2020. Please see Addendum No. 3

RFI Addendum No 1

RFI Addendum No 2

RFI Addendum No 3


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  What funds might be available to DCURD?

Answer 1:   The City of Irving’s Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 1 has identified $38,127,000 of projected future TIF funds for APT projects. The District’s current annual APT operations and maintenance budget is $1,800,000. At this time, these are the only funds that have been identified.

Question 2:  What is the requested transport capacity of the system (pphd)

Answer 2:  We are requesting Respondents to indicate the system capacity that their proposed technologies can achieve for the expansion alternatives presented in the RFI or any other expansion alternatives that the Respondents may propose.  Our current ridership could easily be accommodated by a wide range of technologies.

Question 3:  What are the actual travel times (end-station to end-station)

Answer 3:  The exhibit “Route Times – Station to Station” in the section below shows the current travel times between stations.

Question 4:  When shall the works start, respectively when shall the renewed system start the operation

Answer 4:  We don’t have a set start date at this time.

Question 5: Will DCURD consider alternatives that would remove the fixed rail and replace it with a paved surface and introduce a system that would include rubber tired vehicles, electric scooters, bicycles and pedestrians?

Answer 5:  DCURD is open to technologies and solutions that do not employ fixed guideway rails and equipment.

Question 6:  The RFI states a maximum headway of 6 minutes. Please further define this requirement. Is this a maximum for each lane? Does this apply to the most distant end-stations?

Answer 6:  Frequent service is a goal for this RFI.  The 6 minute maximum headway as stated in the RFI  refers to the availability of a vehicle to depart from each station in any direction every 6 minutes or less.

Question 7:  Historical ridership data is provided but no projections are given for demand on the expanded system. For calculating vehicle capacity and fleet size: Are there any predictions on future ridership demand once the expansion is completed? If not, should the current ridership be utilized for calculation? Should the replacement/additional vehicles match the existing tram capacity?

Answer 7:  There are no established APT ridership projections at this time; however, DCURD is expecting a significant increase in ridership after the Las Colinas APT Technology Upgrade and Expansion Project is completed.  The replacement/additional vehicles are not required to match the existing capacity.  Please provide the range of capacity that your technology is able to achieve within the stated headway range.

Question 8:  Will fare collection be a considered as a source of funding and if so, at what level would this be capped?

Answer 8:  DCURD does not currently collect fares, so there is no established cap limit.  DCURD is open to suggestions for any funding ideas, including fare collection.

Additional APT System Information (Downloadable Files)

C-45 Automated People Mover

Planning and Design Manual – March 2009_Redacted Jan 2020

Station Quarter Mile Radius Population Statistics

Urban Center Businesses (2 pages)

APT Ridership Summary  (Additional Ridership Data is available upon request)

DART Reference Book

APT Land Rights Summary Map

Guideway Plans – Phase 1

Guideway Plans – Phase 2

Interface Station Drawings

Wingren Station Proposed Design

Route Times – Station to Station

RFI Addendum No 1

RFI Addendum No 2


Contact Information
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P.O. Box 140035
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APT System Operations Status

Month of October 2020


Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, beginning August 29, 2020, the APT System is suspending all passenger services until further notice.

Please monitor this website for notice of any updates to our operations. Thank you for your understanding.